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Electric Bikes

Motiv Electric Bikes Sleek
$1,100.00 - $2,309.00
The traditional step-thru combines functionality with agility. You'll zip through neighborhoods in style and when you need a boost it's just a throttle twist away.
Motiv Electric Bikes Spark
$1,749.99 - $2,594.00
All it took was one idea shot off in the dark to start the Motiv family. This standard frame provides a beach-cruiser feel until you twist the throttle to annihilate any hill that stands in your way.
E-Tek Bikes Scout V7
$1,974.00 - $2,299.99
Scout V7 has a powerful 400w motor and full disc brakes that will give you the boost and safety you need to get yourself anywhere. The 48V 24Ah lithium battery will take you 50 miles or more on one charge. The Scout V7 comes with a 4.2” LCD Display, super bright LED lights (low/high beam), turn signals, electric horn, wheel locking alarm, mudguards, cargo box included and two-seater upgrade available. The Scout V7 is one of a kind due to its working pedal which allow customers full access to sidewalks without fear of being ticketed. Take a safe and stress-free ride with your Scout V7 down the Beach sidewalks or the bike lane.
Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover 5 Step Through (Pre-Owned)
From city streets to mountain trails. Commute. Explore. Or simply do more. The ebike that started it all, does it all. Now in its fifth iteration, our flagship model combines durability and agility into one irresistible ride. Hop on and discover why this is the most imitated e-bike in the industry. An approachable step-thru version of the renowned RadRover full sized fat tire electric bike. Features comfortable 4" wide tires, an adjustable suspension fork, short sturdy stem, and mid-rise handlebar.
Sondors MadMod
$1,999.00 - $2,499.00
Unlike anything else you’ll see on road or trail, MADMOD is designed to be an extension of your style. Customise it as you want or choose from one of three iconic motorcycle inspired visions. Café, Retro or Scrambler, the choice is yours. SONDORS MadMods is more than an ebike, it’s a system. Interchangeable parts and accessories give you the ability to create most anything you can imagine. Start with one of our timeless motorcycle-based visions, then mix and match to build your ideal ride. MADMOD is designed for you; modern, simple, custom, cool.
Sondors SONDORS Fold X (Pre-Owned)
Go Beyond the way you live with SONDORS Fold X. Fold X is designed from the ground up to fit into your life. Optimized for practicality when folded, it’s small enough to stow easily after your commute or in the trunk of your car after a trail ride. Optimized for performance on the go, its powerful 500w motor combined with signature tires means it’ll get you wherever you want to go, with a smile on your face. Fold X is best selling proof that foldable personal transportation can be practical, premium, and affordable.
Surface 604 Rook
$2,599.99 - $2,649.00
A step-through electric bike designed for cruisers and commuters looking for comfort. The Rook features a powerful 500w motor with a 48v 14ah battery and comes fully-loaded with every feature needed to make riding effortless including a suspension fork, adjustable stem, built-in rear rack, front and rear fenders, and LED lights. The Rook comes equipped with a 500W hub motor that is extremely powerful (peaks at 750W). With a torque sensor and throttle on demand, the Colt is great for those that could benefit from an extra boost to make it up the hill. Geared for performance - we paired all that power with an industry-leading 12mosfet 25A controller, so Colt delivers unmatched torque and speed. Precision torque sensing performance at 104 cadence pulses per revolution; 1,000 torque samples per second. Rook's incredibly smooth torque sensor knows how hard you’re pedalling down to the microsecond and matches it with proportionate power. Custom drop out design delivers whisper smooth torque sensor sensation at any assist level. In fact, you’ll swear it’s as smooth as a mid-drive motor. Gone are the days of simple cadence sensors! Watch out for other riders as you zip pass them.
Rad Power Bikes Runner (Pre-Owned)
Fun meets functional This head turner delivers on more than just style: it can help you carry cargo, passengers, and even your morning joe. Factor in over 330 possible accessory combinations, and you can customize this moped-style ebike to your heart’s content. All fun, no hassle. The single-speed drivetrain, push-button control pad, and accessible step-thru frame get you around stress-free. Confidently zip around bends and curves with a relaxed head-tube angle that increases your stability. Hundreds of accessory combinations make it easy to personalize your RadRunner to your exact taste and needs.
Surface 604 604 Twist (Pre-Owned)
Twist is built for daily commuters looking for some extra momentum to get them to work quickly or cruise, easily and in comfort. Twist is loaded with extra features specific to a folding bike. Having a step-thru frame allows for easy mounting of the bike. Easy to transport in the back of your trunk. The Twist has an incredibly smooth torque sensor knows how hard you’re pedalling down to the microsecond and matches it with a proportionate power. Gone are the days of simple cadence sensors! Custom drop out design delivers whisper smooth torque sensor sensation at any assist level.In fact, you’ll swear it’s as so smooth as a mid-drive motor.
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